Drunk Makeup

I would like to start this post by saying that you should take this post in the spirit of fun. I can’t guarantee the best beauty tips and advise….only entertainment. I also don’t intent on proof reading this so please bear with me.

I had a few friends over today for Makeup & Mimosas….heavy on the Mimosas. After everyone left I decided to sit down and do my own makeup even though I was heavily Mimosad. And shortly after applying I am sitting here writing this still Mimosad. And yes Mimosad is now a word as far as this blog is concerned.


I didn’t prime because I knew I was going to wash this off as soon as I was done putting it on. So why waste good makeup.


I normally do my eyes first but I wanted to mix it up and live a little and do the eyes first. SIDE NOTE: I used the Smashbox Christmas palette. I bought this so I could try it so I could recommend it to my friends. I knew I did not need another palette in my collection so I had every intention of returning it.  However. Once I tried it (sober) and now drunk I don’t think I can. The shadows have a lot of kick up but they blend so easily. And are so pretty.

So I used my new Clinique foundation. I got an Ulta email that I got a free Clinique foundation with consultation. I used it and it’s light coverage and very dewy. A little too cool toned for me. Wouldn’t have bought it but it was free.


I set that with my RCMA no color powder and it honestly did not look good.

I then used Hoola to contour, Tarte Park Ave Princess to Bronze and Benefit Rock something for blush. I then realized I should have used the rest of the Smashbox palette. So I went over it with the contour, bronze and blush of the Smashbox palette. I  also used the light gold eyeshadow for highlight.


I then did my eyeshadow using the purples and then the dark green shade eyeshadow. I used a Loreal tubing mascara so I could easily wash it off. Then did my eyebrows with the Ulta Eyebrow tint. I wiped so much off on a paper towel but there was still too much on he brush. I love this stuff but you waste so much because you need to wipe so much off the brush every time. I also managed to get some on my face at some point. Which is the first thing Eric noticed when he saw me.


I then went in with a Sephora lip liner and ColourPop lippie stick. then I wanted it all off and went to sit on the couch to type this. I hope this was entraining and the main takeaway is that the Smashbox palette is bomb, FYI there are 30 red underlined words that I need to correct. While I am tempted to leave them I will correct them for your sake.


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