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How To Make Your Own Glitter Flip Lipstick

UPDATE: Not to spoil the rest of the post but I LOVED this look at the bachelorette party. I got so many compliments and a lot of them from guys which I found surprising. It was definitely a bold look that took some getting used to. It held up through drinks, a full BBQ dinner and well into the late night. Here is a picture I took after dinner.





I want to first state that this “How To” won’t give the same WOW factor that the CIATÉ LONDON Glitter Flip lipsticks give. It will however, give you the same glitter outcome!

If you’re like me then you are following all of the new beauty releases and wanting to run out and get them all. Sometimes though, the pocket book doesn’t allow it. I really wanted to try the new CIATÉ LONDON Glitter Flip lipsticks but didn’t want to spend the money and heard that they really didn’t last very long (I have not tried them for myself.)

I have a bachelorette party this weekend and really wanted to wear a sparkly bold lipstick so I instead decided to play around with what I already had at home and found this perfect lip combo!


Products that you will need:

Liquid Lipstick of choice – I have Ofra’s Liquid Lipstick in Treasure

Lit Cosmetics Forever Wear Glitter Base

Lip Brush

Loose Glitter – I ended up just using the Lit Cosmetics Glitter in Oprah Size 2

Attempt 1

I first tried to mix everything above together and apply to my lips. That did not work. You couldn’t see the glitter and the glitter base sheered out the liquid lipstick.

Attempt 2

This attempt went much better and is what I am planning on wearing for the Bachelorette party weekend!

Step 1: Apply your liquid lipstick as you normally would.


Step 2: Take the Lit Cosmetics Forever Wear Glitter Base and work in small sections on your lip. Take a lip brush and place a thin layer on half of your top or bottom lip.

It is important that you use that specific glitter glue as it is made to keep the glitter on through most conditions. It is the most hard core glitter glue that Lit Cosmetics sells as their website states:

“A “Waterproof” cosmetic adhesive that is great for all skin types and sensitive skin. Our “Forever Wear” glitter base also provides you with a clean, controlled glitter application. Is recommended for lip / brow / body and can also be used around eye area but a proper “Oil based” makeup remover should be used.”

““Forever Wear” glitter base keeps all loose product adhered to any skin surface (even under water) without dulling the sparkle. It also prevents cracking, flaking or floating, offering a comfortable all day all night hold.  Dries completely.”

Step 3: Take some of the glitter on your finger and pat it onto the area that you just put down the glitter glue. I did not take a picture of this step as I didn’t want the glue to dry while I was messing around trying to take a picture.

A couple of tips when doing this. Keep a lot of glitter on your finger. You may need to dip back into the glitter a couple of times even for half of your lip. I would not recommend using a brush as the brush tended to pick up the glue and create a goopy substance.

Step 4:  Repeat steps 1-4 on the other parts of your lip. I did try to add a step 4 and I put a layer of the glue over top of the finished look on my bottom lip to “seal it”. That also did not work and I would not recommend it. It created a layer that just wanted to peel off as you’ll see in a photo further down.

Glitter Lip.jpg


The top lip without the “sealing” coat was pretty comfortable. I did not find that the glitter transferred or got anywhere. It was sticky but nothing that was too uncomfortable and did dry down. I did the kiss test and you’ll see a little on my hand but that’s from the bottom lip.


I also wanted to see how it held up to eating and drinking as I am sure I will be doing a lot of that. There was nothing on my water bottle when I started drinking. Then, I ate some greasy nachos and I started to see some lipstick on my water bottle.

The Glitter Base says it does need an oil based remover so it makes sense that oil/grease would break it down. That being said it was only on the corner of my lips that I was missing color. The rest of my lips still looked really good and glitter wasn’t getting anywhere. If anything, I think I will try making sure the inner part is coated in more glitter base and glitter next time. The bottom lip did suffer as I mentioned above…just avoid the “sealant” coat and you’ll be fine.

After Eating.jpg

In the end I am really happy with the outcome and the color possibilities are endless between all the liquid lipstick and loose glitter colors that are on the market. It was pretty comfortable and I am confident that it’s going to last throughout the night for me (I will just avoid greasy food).

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