SEPHORA COLLECTION The Perfectionist: Airbrush Sponge: Buck Off or Buy

The SEPHORA COLLECTION The Perfectionist: Airbrush Sponge retails for $12.00 on the Sephora website but has been on sale for $5.00 for at least a few weeks. I first bought this because I was wanting a sponge travel case. This sponge came in the mesh case that Sephora was selling. It currently comes in pink and purple and has over 4 stars with 334 reviews on Sephora.com.sponge and case.jpg

This is hands down my favorite beauty sponge and I’ve tried the Beauty Blender, Eco Tools, Real Techniques, Pur and various other sponges.

Let’s discuss the shape, sponge factor, product waste and longevity.

Shape: The shape of this is very unique to any other sponge that I have used. This is the one area that is not my favorite but the other factors more than make up for it. I use the flat part of the large point to push and roll my foundation into my skin. The point lets you get into the folds around your nose and up under your eye.

I will use the small point in one of two ways. If I’m at home then I use it for my concealer under my eye. Then I use the larger bottom portion to push and blend the concealer into my foundation. The second way I will use the small point is for my powder to set my under eyes and face if I’m traveling. This way I can only bring one sponge instead of one for liquids and one for powders.

Sponge Factor: Again, this is another area that I feel this sponge is unique. It is more dense than the Beauty Blender and Eco Tools sponges but less dense than the Pur and Real Techniques sponges. Most of the time I use this sponge dry as I feel like it is soft enough, even when dry, to apply my makeup flawlessly. However, my absolute favorite way is to wet the sponge before I go to bed. That way when I wake up in the morning to do my makeup it is very slightly damp and it makes it super soft and flawless.

Tip: I never use my beauty sponges wet to apply my liquid makeup in the morning. I find that it sheers out my foundation, no matter how much water I try and wring out of it. That’s why dampening it at night is the perfect solution. On the other hand, I love using a damp beauty sponge with my setting powder as I feel like it makes everything blend together.

Product Waste: This is hands down the best part about this sponge. It does not soak up ANY of your product. Now I mean soak. up. You will see some color on the outer edge of your beauty blender because it is sitting on top of that outer layer. When it was time to retire my first one of the Perfectionist Sponges I decided that I wanted to cut it open, just to see how much gunk was in there. I was shocked that there was nothing on the inside, it was perfectly clean. My biggest gripe with the Beauty Blender is that it soaks up so much of my product. That not only wastes money because let’s be honest, I generally use pricey foundations but it also doesn’t allow me to get the full coverage look that I want. Luckily, I don’t need to worry anymore since the Perfectionist Sponge does such a great job. (Knock on wood because I am worried since it’s been on sale for so long that it’s going to be discontinued.)

Longevity: These sponges stay nice way longer than I would have expected. I just threw out the one that I had since December of 2016. I know, I know, I should have thrown it out way before then. I was using it off and on until I truly fell in love with it, so it wasn’t daily use for that long. Even still, I threw it out because I knew it had been too long. It didn’t have cracks or nail marks in it. It still looked great! The Eco Tools sponges started to crack after one or two washes. That just lets bacteria and other gunk get in there that you don’t want on your face.

I am always trying new things and there are a lot of beauty sponges out there that I still want to try (Morphe, Sigma, Loreal). They are going to have to be pretty great to beat the SEPHORA COLLECTION The Perfectionist: Airbrush Sponge because it is a definite BUY!!



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