Buck Off or Buy

MATCHCo Custom Foundation: Buck Off or Buy

It’s been a while since I have posted! Eric and I were moving into a house and all my energy was being put into that. We’re not quite settled but I was ready to get back to focusing on the things that I enjoy doing.

I received this foundation back in April during my hiatus but I knew that it had to survive the move so that I could do a review on it.

This retails for $49 and you have to download the app MATCHCo. You start by calibrating your phone on white paper and then you scan 5 different parts of your face. I found that if you pull the phone back about 6 inches it works the best. They do have a video that shows you what to do.

The screenshot of the bottle from the app was taken today not from when I ordered the bottle. However, it does resemble what I remember seeing the first time I did it. As you can tell, it does not look like the same color as what is in the bottle.

Unfortunately, this foundation did not match me AT ALL! I don’t know how they came up with the color that they did. The only thing I could think of is that the camera picked up on my freckles and matched to that color.

No foundation on
You can see how dark it looks already
MATCHCo on the left side of my face and nothing on the right side


Here is a close up shot of how the foundation looks on the skin
I have so much redness in my skin that I thought it would help to see the MATCHCo next to a foundation that matches me. On the right is the Ordinary Coverage Foundation in 1.0N
The Ordinary 1.0N for comparison

While the shade did not match me at all I am going to try using it as a liquid bronzer and see if I can get any use out it that way. It went on the skin really well and has a natural dewy glow to it without looking greasy. I didn’t use a primer and it sat over my pores and blurred them out better than most foundations. I really wish this would have matched me because I liked the formula of it. It also did come with a pump.

Now I will say the company itself has great customer service. When I notified them that it did not work out they offered to let me try again or just give me my money back. I didn’t have any faith that they would get it right so I chose to just get my money back. Since it is a custom shade you don’t have to return the bottle.

On Facebook I have been seeing an ad pop up for the new Bare Minerals MADE-2-FIT foundation. When I went into the app I learned that Bare Minerals has teamed up with MATCHCo to create that foundation. They also show a 30 day money back guarantee so I might try it again and see if they have improved the technology.

Unless your skin is all one shade without any freckles or redness for the camera to pick up on I say…

Slipped Girth


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