March Boxycharm

This month’s box wasn’t my favorite one ever, but it was still really good. As a reminder, Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box where you get 5 full sized products and it costs $21 per box.

This is a referral link, if you click this link and sign up for a box I will receive 500 Charms for the Charm shop which is the equivalent to $5.


In the box this month I received the following:

That is a total value of $102.48 worth of products in this box. This is slightly less than they usually put in the box. I have had a chance to try all of these products, therefore I will leave my first impressions below.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer


This primer is a cult favorite in the beauty community. I normally look for more nourishing and hydrating primers as opposed to silicone ones like this. It did glide on the skin smoothly and my foundation applied nicely overtop. My current go-to primer is the Urban Decay Urban Defense. It has a similar feel to this one but it contains SPF, which is why I wear it. Therefore, I could have done without this being in the box.

Crown Fan Brush


I was actually really excited to try this. I have seen YouTubers use brushes like this for their contour. I tried it for that but my face was too small and the contour wasn’t precise enough for my liking. The second time I used it with my bronzer and it was perfect! It applies the product very lightly so that you don’t over due it. Since the brush is so narrow it helped keep the bronzer from going too far down my face. This makes sure that my face stays looking lifted. This was a definite success!

Urban Rustic Palette

naked cos

These eyeshadows are actually pressed pigments, which is important to point out. Pigments are going to be very pigmented (hah) but they also can have a lot of fall out. I recommend using a glitter primer and using your finger to apply these. It also helps to do your eye makeup before your face makeup. I use the ELF Glitter Primer which is extremely affordable and works like a high end product. The colors are very bright and bold. I may not use them on a daily basis, but they will be fun for a pop color when I’m feeling adventurous.

RealHer Matte Liquid Lipstick


When I first saw that I was getting another RealHer product I was kind of disappointed. I wasn’t able to use the last product because my Invisalign. I am always impatient and I swatch it as soon as I get my box back to my truck. I put a lot of swatches on my hand and then used a napkin to try and wipe them all off. This swatch would not move and I mean not budge at all. Next, I went inside where I ended up wetting a beauty sponge and my hand got wet. I dried my hands and rubber the swatch and it still wouldn’t move! I washed my hands with dish soap and that made it fade a little but it took a strong makeup remover to get it all the way off.

When you apply this to your lips it is EXTREMELY important that you don’t touch your lips together until the product dries. At first, the application is extremely sticky and when you touch your lips together is sticks and makes it uneven. Once you let it set it stays comfortable on your lips and lasts quite a long time. I was very impressed! I wish I would have received a different color in this product as I already have other matte liquid lipsticks that are similar to this shade. I will also note that this says it is a “pink” shade but it pulls orange on me. I have found this to happen with other brands as well so it may just be my skin tone.

RealHer Lipliner


This lipliner is the easiest one I have ever applied to my lips. It is creamy so it goes on smooth, yet firm enough that I can get a straight line. The shade matched the lipstick and they worked together well. The motivational quote on the packaging isn’t bad either.

Here are a couple pictures where I used all of the products listed. The total value of the box that I would have actually chosen is $71.48. I didn’t need the Smashbox Primer or the Matte Lipstick. The lipliner will work well with a lot of my other lipsticks so I was happy to have that. I have been getting this box for over 6 months now and I never regret it!


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