Buck Off or Buy

Artis Brushes: Buck Off or Buy

I saw that HSN was selling the Artis brushes and that they were offering a payment plan. I had always been curious about them but never could convince myself to pay that kind of money. The payment plan finally convinced me to try them.

I couldn’t decide between the Artis Elite Palm Brush ($65) and the Kit ($135) that included the Oval 6, Oval 3 and Linear 1 along with a cleaner and cleaning pad. I ended up ordering them both with the intent to return one of them.

I few months ago I ordered the cheaper version off of Amazon to try. I tried them out and I occasionally use them but overall just didn’t see the draw. I should have known that since I didn’t use those that I wouldn’t use these.

They are extremely soft and the Artis brushes are definitely softer than the knock off ones. They are packed with bristles and you can tell that they are made of high quality materials.

When it comes to actually applying the product, they just did not work for me. I have dry and dehydrated skin and these brushes caused micro exfoliation on my face and it did not look good. I much prefer the smooth application my Beauty Blender gives me. Even though it’s not supposed to leave streaks, I found that it still did. On top of that, it took way longer to apply having to sweep it back and forth until the product finally absorbed into my skin.

The one good thing these brushes have going for them is that they don’t pick up any product. Most other brushes and sponges soak up some of the product that you are applying. Since the bristles are packed into the brush, this doesn’t pick up any product.

For the price of these brushes, the time of application and my dry skin it just is not worth it for me and I’m going to return them all. I will stick with my good old Beauty Blender.

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