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How to Create an Everyday Eyeshadow Look

This is the eye look that I go to when I want a simple and easy look. It will go with any outfit and lip color, it is great for beginners and only takes six eyeshadows.

Below is a picture of the eyeshadows that I used. The top row are all Colourpop matte shades and the base for the look. You can use these and put pretty much any color on the lid and it will work. The second row has a matte shade and a shimmer shade. I used one on each eye so you could see what the 2 different formulas looked like with this look. The final shadow is used to highlight.

I have also included all of the brushes that I used and the shadows I used them with.


Step 1: Prime the eyes using an eyelid primer and then set the primer with a powder or light colored eyeshadow. If you don’t want to buy an eye primer then you can use a liquid foundation or concealer, but make sure you set it. This will allow all of the colors you put on top blend easier and smoother. Priming the eye is important because it will help make the colors last on your eye all day long.


Step 2: Use a light colored transition shade in your crease. You want this to be 1 to 2 shades darker than the color of your skin. I have hooded eyes, which means that I have some skin that folds over. Using an oval shaped brush helps me to really get in my crease to apply this shade. I also have to make sure I apply it with my eyes open so that I see where I need to apply it. Use windshield wiper motions back and forth so that it really gets blended.


Step 3: You take a slightly darker shade than the first shade you used and focus it a little more precisely in the crease. You can also put a little in the outer corner. You use windshield wiper motions for this step. The key is to start with a little product on your brush. Once that is blended you can add another layer and continue on until you get the desired color.

Once you have gotten desired color built up go in with a big fluffy blending brush. Use windshield wiper motions and blend everything together.


Step 4: Now use the darkest shade on the outer corner of the eye. Putting a dark color on the outside of the eye will help make the eye look larger and more open. It is important that you start with a little bit of product and build it up. Pat the color on and use very short and slow motions to blend it on the outer third of the eye. You can also take this into the outer portion of the crease. Once again, go back in with the fluffy brush to blend.


Step 5 – Matte: If you want an all matte eye look then this will be the option for you. Take the Makeup Geek (MUG) eyeshadow in Peach Smoothie and pack it onto the lid. Packing it on means to pat and push it on the lid instead of swiping it around. Focus this on the inner two thirds of the lid. Once you have it packed on, use your blending brush to blend it into the rest of the colors. You may find that you need to add another layer of color to your crease or the outer corner. Keep playing around with it until you get the look you want. Just remember to always blend everything.

Step 5 – Shimmer: The same steps are going to apply as the above step with one exception. In order to get shimmer eyeshadows to really pop you need to wet them. Pick up some product on your brush and then spray the brush with setting spray or water. Then pack it onto the lid. You will find that it is much more pigmented and bright than if you used it dry. Another way to get the best pigmentation is to use your finger.


Step 6: You can see the outer corner is very messy and comes down onto the lower lash line. Take a makeup wipe and go from the lower lash line up towards the tail of your eyebrow. This will give you a nice clean sharp line. This line will also help make your eyes look more lifted.



Step 7:  Before you do this step you need to go ahead and do your foundation, under-eye concealer and powder. You take the first 2 shades you used in your crease and put them from inner to outer corner on your lower lash line. Then, you take the darkest shade and focus it on the outer third of the lower lash line. Again, this is to help make the eyes look more open.


Step 8: This step finishes off the eyeshadow look. Take a light color such as a white or light cream color. This can be a shimmer or matte formula, but I always use a shimmer shadow. You place this on the outer two thirds of the eyebrow to high light under it. I also put this in my inner corner and the inner one third of my lower lash line. I use my finger for this as it gets precise placement and the best pigmentation. You could also use a pencil brush or any small precise brush.


That’s all there is to it! Now you have two options for a natural and easy makeup look. Just add mascara and you are all set. If you want to make your eyes look even bigger you can put a nude or white eye liner in your waterline.


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