Buck Off or Buy

Pur DreamWorks Trolls Palette: Buck Off or Buy

Pur recently released an eyeshadow palette inspired by the new Trolls movie. I saw a lot of YuTubers getting the palette in PR. I got hooked when I saw the mix of neutrals and bright pops of color. I luckily was able to order one off the Pur website before they went out of stock. It is currently available on Kohl’s website and in certain Kohl’s stores. It retails for $29 but Kohl’s always has coupons and deals.

The palette consists of 16 differed shades including matte, satin and shimmer shades. You get 10 what I would consider neutral shades and 6 pops of color. It is 100% cruelty free and Vegan friendly. It is also free of Talc.

Palette Shot.jpeg


I used an Urban Decay shadow brush to create these swatches and I used the Sephora Color Switch between colors. I personally don’t like finger swatches because in most instances you’re applying shadows with a brush, not your fingers. Some of the shades swatched effortlessly and other took more work. In particular I had to build up Karma, Snack Pack, Pop Icon, Poppy and Creek quite a bit to show their true color. I’m very fair so on the swatches it it hard to see some of the lighter shades.

The most surprising color in the palette is Satin & Chenille. At first look and even in the swatch it looks like your basic white inner corner highlight. However, it is actually is more of a white and purple duo chrome shadow. It is absolutely gorgeous!

I created a look using the shadows and I challenged myself to use as many of the bold colors as possible. I did have a client meeting that day so I also had to make it business appropriate.

When applying these shadows to the eye they performed very well. They were easy to blend, they didn’t get too muddy on the lid and they lasted all day. I was pretty impressed! They do have kickup in the pan and some fallout on your face. I recommend doing your eyes before your face makeup.

Full face.JPG

Close Up eye.JPG

* I started by putting setting my eyeshadow primer with Bridget. I was afraid this would be too pink but it worked perfectly for this.

* I took Wisdom as my transition shade and really blew it out in my crease.

* I used Hugger deep in my crease to really give it definition. I made sure that I didn’t go above Wisdom.

* I put DJ Suki and Poppy into my outer crease to give the look some color. These colors did blend together so I would recommend picking one and sticking with it.

* I buffed Creek in the outer corner of my lid. I wasn’t liking the way the colors looked together so I then went over it with Branch. This made the outer corner deeper and more smokey. I also placed the shadow to make a wing.

* I used Guy Diamond all over the lid.

* I wanted to blend Guy Diamond into Branch better. I used my finger to pat Biggie between the two shades to transition them together.

* I took a little of Satin & Chenille on a pencil brush and placed it under my brow bone and in the inner corner.

* For my lower lash line I layered Wisdom, Hugger and Poppy along the entire lash line. I then placed Branch just in the outer corner and connected it up to the outer corner wing.

I really loved the way this turned out. I don’t think my iPhone camera really did the colors justice. The verdict for this one is a definite BUY!

The eyeshadows are very buttery and pigmented.The mix of neutrals and bright but wearable colors is unique. You get all this for a very reasonable price point at $29. This is Limited Edition, so I would hurry to get yours before they’re gone!


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