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How to Modify your Makeup for a Dry Climate

I live in Texas and am lucky that it stays relatively mild here year round. We may get a few especially cold days but nothing terrible. This year I spent Christmas in Illinois and New Years in Aspen, which are both bitterly cold and dry. In addition to staying in cold places I am also spending a lot of time on airplanes which are very drying to the skin.
Tip: If you travel to high altitudes be careful when opening any makeup in a squeeze tube. I had multiple liquid products shoot product out when I opened them, making a huge mess.
I know my skin is becoming dehydrated when no matter how much lotion I use my hands are always chapped. That’s my cue to take note and make sure that I am using the proper products on my face. I’ll walk you through the steps I take to keep my face looking its best.
In addition to my normal skin care routine I will add in hydrating sheet masks. I’m always getting new ones as samples or in subscription boxes to try. This adds a dose of hydration to the skin that can penetrate deeper.
I also make sure that I am exfoliating frequently so that any dry patches are taken care of quickly.
I switch from using a moisturizer at night to using a beauty oil. I like the Tsbuki Oil from Boscia. After I cleanse my face at night I will use 5-6 drops of this on my face, neck and hands.
I prefer full coverage matte foundations as they are the most long wearing. However, in dry climates they can feel uncomfortable on the skin. There is nothing worse then putting your makeup on and experiencing that tight, I can’t move my face, feeling.
I start with using a VERY hydrating primer. My favorite is the Makeup Forever Step 1 Nourishing Primer.
Next, I make a foundation cocktail. I use 2/3 of my matte foundation, 1/3 of a dewy/hydrating foundation and 1 drop of beauty oil. I find I don’t lose the longevity of the foundation but I also don’t get that tight feeling in my face.
The one negative that I experience by adding the dewy foundation is that it tends to sink into my wrinkles more than when I only use the matte foundation. I can usually combat that with my wrinkle filling steps (see previous blog post).
I have too many wrinkles to not set my face and I personally like the airbrushed effect the it gives me. However, if you don’t need to set your whole face then I would recommend just setting your concealer. This will help not make your face feel as dry. I recently discovered the Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder and it’s the first powder that doesn’t make my skin feel dry.
Finally, set your make up using a vitamin packed setting spray. The setting sprays that will help prolong your makeup generally contain alcohol which can dry your skin out in any climate.
My makeup survived a day of riding horses in the mountains of Colorado without feeling dry and flaky.
Happy Trails

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