Buck Off or Buy

Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme: Buck Off or Buy

I had been wanting to try the new metallic lip trend but since my makeup is usually pretty conservative for my office every day, I wanted to try something affordable. I thought the Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme would be perfect.

I bought the colors 12 Prismattic Touch and 01 Chromattic Addict. Prismattic Touch is a rose pink with a gold undertone while Chromattic Addict is a true gold color.

Hand Swatch.JPG

Chromattic Addict was too bold of a gold for me to wear everyday. However, it makes a great lip topper or mixer.

Prismattic Addict was  absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It was the perfect pink color for my pale skin. The metallic finish gave it a nice pop but was not too much. I was starting to think of all the outfits and eyelooks I could pair with this. Then, it disappointed me in a big way.

As it set on my lips it got so incredible dry and uncomfortable. The metallic finish made it feel gritty on my lips on top of being dry. I had such high hopes for it but it ended up not being a total bust.

Full Face.JPG


I was still able to find 3 ways to make these work for me.

  1. Lip Topper – I will put on my normal lip product and put a little on my finger and dab it on top. If used sparingly it won’t dry out your lips like it does when used on its own.
  2. Mixed – This is my favorite way to use it! I mix a little of it with a liquid (not matte) lipstick such as the Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Creme, Too Faced Melted Lipstick or Maybelline Color Jolts. I use one part Milani Metallic to 2 parts liquid lipstick.
  3. Eye Shadow – These are very pretty as an eyeshadow topper as well. Once I’ve finished my eyeshadow I’ll use my finger to dab a little of this on the end to finish the look. It doesn’t crease and lasts all day.

The verdict is….BUCK OFF!

Slipped Girth with path

While I was ultimately able to make these work, they don’t work on their own as they should. This makes me say that they’re not worth it. I would spend your money on a higher end brand that makes a better product.



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